Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sparks from Failures.

 So strange, many times I have wanted just to avoid failures. Not actually striving for success, but focusing on NOT to succumb to failures. This mindset overtime has  driven life into a point of saturation. A unary attitude and response towards things. Like A sparkles life, lived by the zombies. But like most things in life, overtime the inevitable happens. The hope that if you believe in something, does always takes place- comes crashing down. The worst nightmares do come true. Everything you hope would never happen, actually materializes. Your most dreaded moment comes true. The very foundation of hopes and beliefs gets shaken up.

The dreamy world ends. There is no going back, trying a different approach. You suddenly feel more alive than ever, as if the divine powers have changed the count of the years. Blood starts to rush in, with the heart beating a distinct echo. All sorts of questions hover your consciousness, with no consoling answer. Thoughts emotions, nonstop pondering erupts a catastrophe inside your mind. A sense of disappointment sinks in. The fact that you failed your expectations, your standards is way worse than anything else.

 This moment for me is the one which reignites the fire, from the ashes of the mechanical life. To find a purpose to the mechanical activities. To revisit the basics. To rediscover the fundamentals. Learning to let go, and accept the reality. Us ing this spark to once again rediscover the answers. Remembering the past happy times, taking a leaf from them and to start the journey to relive those moments. To the destination where you could bounce back and look back saying –“Ha! That was needed to bounce. To reach newer heights”. All in all it helps find a purpose and a destination.

The last few weeks have been full of hidden lessons for me. Having taught me, things can and will go wrong. Nightmares can and would come true. Though you might be the best, but if it’s not your day there is nothing much you can do about it and you have to accept that. To learn to ACCEPT failure. To understand that sometimes the journey is what counts rather than the end destination. To understand that life is more complex than hopes and beliefs. But the main lesson-This is not the end. Just a beginning of the journey to bounce back. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lessons from a chess board

"Said a wise man: life is a chessboard of nights and days. Where God, using men as his pawns, plays. Hither and thither moves, and checkmate, and slays, and one by one he places them back in the box. For each pawn has its fate, as does each player, as does God. Fate will be met."

The discussion began on an ideal cloudless night, the molecules in the atmosphere ceased vibrating and the cold wind sent occasional shivers back your spine. It was the perfect setup after one heck of a month, living at a graveyard and returning to heaven. Spending time with your friends , moving around the lake and chatting. The perfect setup for a relaxing chill out.

Now the twist in the almost perfect scenario came when one of my friends commented on the discussion of life, having learnt something from the game of chess. Now I call it the twist because, for me it was like a brilliant blind man trying to describe a painter the vivid colors of nature. 

Not only his statement shook me up, it made me realize people change every moment, all you have to do is empty your cache memory full of perceptions.

He said “A game of chess, like life, requires you to take a single move at a time. If you plan the future move and all you think of is playing that killer move, you miss out on the present moves of the opposition, defending your king and on most cases you tend to lose the game. Hence even in life it is more important to take single move at a time instead of planning the future.”

Now having passionately played chess myself, I told myself that is a very apt simile. I wondered how much there is to learn and relate from small things such as a game of chess. That night It got me thinking that chess aint a mere game. It holds great Morales for a person to learn. Moreover it also describes one of the fundamental facts that many people fail to look at. Although the game ends when a king dies, a king can only move one step at a time. Whereas the queen can roam around the entire board as she wishes and even if she dies the game moves on! :|

Now other thing to learn from a game of chess is that all the pawns are born similarly. All have the same capabilities. All are born on the same rank and all have the same properties. All have 6 steps in front of them to transform into something majestic. Yet in most of the games only a few reach that rank. Some of them gets killed in the process. Rest get stuck up and render pointless in the game. Although the pawn on reaching that rank may boast amongst his fellowmen, for the player playing this game it is mere amusement. For him it is irrespective which pawn stays in the game, which gets killed. All are a part of the game and are only there for the master to win the game, Regardless which die, left pointless, or progress ahead.

A Famous Italian Proverb-

"Once the game is over, the king and the pawn go in the same box."

Isnt it true at the end of the day we all have to head to the same metallic box. No matter what gender, race, caste, income, religion we belong to at the end it all comes to whether we have helped the master win the game. In the real world helping the master win the game would indicate –Being a part in making earth a better place. Or as they say today “BEING HUMAN”.

Well I guess, there are loads to learn, from small things in life.There would always be someone who could think diffrently. And that reminds me of a David freeman quote.

"The more you know, the more you realize how much you don’t know — the less you know, the more you think you know.”

Saturday, October 13, 2012


MEME - 2
People often ask me what do you do , when you are practically online 24*7.
Well for starters here are some of the most amusing memes I encountered in the last month itself.

Also in the last month the Stahp meme series has emerged.They are simply hilarious.

Go through them and see for yourself .Enjoy.


Everytime I open Youtube from my hostel


Reality of DDIT

Reality of Relationships!

MY FAVOURITE! The perfect way to describe IPHONE 5


Good Idea!!! I didnt think of that.People are so stupid...ROFLMAO!!!


Seriously why??? In an INDIA , South Africa match WHY should pakistan win???

Freaking Every Time

True Statment!

Thats how you give an advise.





HAHA APPLE STAHP ripping people!




NOOO!!!! I Dont wana wake up.

Hopefully you enjoyed it as much as i did.
Thanks to all the websites for putting up such wonderful memes...

Monday, October 1, 2012

Oreo Shake in 5 mins

Oreo Shake        

How to make oreo Shake in only 5 Mins

Of all the desserts i have ever made, somehow or the other this one remains an all time favorite. 

In my words it is delectable, scrumptious and simply luscious.

Those who have tried this before, believe me making it yourself is loads cheaper and delicious.                                              

For those who haven't -"Duh! You haven't tried THE dessert."

My personal request
"DONT waste over 100 bucks at choclate room or over 50 bucks at MacD for Oreo shake... Try it up yourself and enjoy with your girl/boy friends."

Monday, September 17, 2012


I n f i n i t y

The term infinity is quite perplexing and enigmatic because nobody is competent enough to explain it satisfactorily. There are various theories, assumptions, postulates and so on and forth. In fact Georg Cantor’s has gone further,  and his theory implies the existence of  “Infinity of Infinities”. All science students have heard the term limit n tends to infinity and then blah blah blah… Even as small students we had marked on the graph paper, point’s origin and infinity. Wikipedia defines-Infinity (symbol: ∞) refers to something without any limit, and is a concept relevant in a number of fields, predominantly mathematics and physics. 

But for me, infinity is altogether a different  entity of a science beyond atoms. An element which is not constraint to a quantity or a number. An element beyond measurement. Infinity is a State, a condition where our mind stops functioning or something which is beyond the capacity of our mind or intellect. 

I beg to differ from the other scholarly people by saying we can reach infinity and moreover we all have experienced infinity in our lives. 

Let me recall some of the infinities everyone has encountered

Starting with, Count your parents favors, graces and obligations. Count the no of seconds they had to bear when you were small , the efforts they have given to raise you , the amount of money spent for  your education, your clothes , your needs  so that you have a bright future. Count the no of years, they woke up in the morning before you, just to pack you a hot lunch, the amount which they spent to fulfill even your smallest needs   and at the same time count the no of times you have troubled them, the no of times you have disappointed them, the no of times you have argued and cried for some small need they didn’t fulfill, the no of complains you had for your parents   – Infinite.

Recall your teachers. The artists who tried their level best to design the current unique sculptures. The efforts they had put in so that you are currently where you are. The amount of patience and time imparted and spent so that you got the best education possible. And now once their part is done the amount of gratitude they deserve, which we should have shown but as of yet not done – Infinite

Moving on towards the nature – The amount of Flowers, Fruits, Trees, Gardens, Greenery, Birds, Animals, Wildlife, Streams, Rivers, Lakes, Oceans, Hills, Terrains Mountains - infinite.

Even in our daily lives the calendar and the watch are living testimony of the fact that the present scenario is infinity just as is the current population.   

The point I am trying to prove here is – Infinity is considered to be the maximum of anything but it is not tough to achieve it. Achieving infinity is possible. Just like the sun and the stars are theoretically supposed to be at an infinite distance yet we can see them every day with our eyes. Just like on a graph paper the origin and the infinity term are just a few cm away. Infinity is very closer then what most people anticipate. Moreover there have been infinite efforts by many people to bring you up. DO NOT let this go in vain. Everybody has the potential to turn in to something infinite just as a dormant seed has the capabilities of turning into big pine or an oak.

Time has already passed infinite seconds and is still ticking on. We are standing in an infinite queue which leads to the gates of death. The queue is finitely decreasing day by day. Hence before we take the boarding pass lets analyze- that the current scenario is idle, the time is ripe, the stars and the galaxies have already been aligned for us to achieve something great something infinite. Everyone, everything around you is at infinity save you. And hence before we move to the greater beyond it is necessary to reach INFINITY, because that is the sole purpose of life and existence.